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Для заселения взрослым ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО предъявить справку о вакцинации (достаточно 1 компонента вакцины), отрицательный ПЦР -тест и согласие на вакцинацию в течение 3-х дней, мед.документ о перенесённом заболевании ( не позже чем 6 мес.) или медотвод и отрицательный ПЦР-тест (72 часа), детям с 15 до 18 лет отрицательный ПЦР-тест (72 часа).

Conference rooms

Conference rooms are defined by exceptional atmosphere and equipped with up-to-date facilities.
Conference room
is a comfortable room with open balcony, panoramic mountain view and possibility of dividing into two different sections.
The common square is 92 m2.
Maximum capacity is 60 persons.

Conference room
Conference room is an appropriate place to organize small events in the cozy and bright atmosphere.
The common square is 40 m2.
Maximum capacity is 30 persons.

We offer wide range of menu: lunches, dinners, coffee breaks, buffet tables and banquets. Our Chef will develop individual menu for you upon request.

For further information of event organization, please, turn to Anna Nikitina 8-928-452-75-88 or