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Mental rest

with health care

The first Healing-hotel in Russia
Дата заезда
25 апр 2019
Дата выезда
26 апр 2019
Уважаемые гости! В период с 20.05.2019 по 22.05.2019 бассейн закрыт на профилактические работы. Приносим наши извинения за временные неудобства.
Daily: 9 am — 9 pm
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Therapy is used with complex of other measures for insomnia treatment, as weightlessness helps to remove spasms and tensions, providing deep sleep during several days after each session.
The name "Floating" came from the english word float - swim on the surface. The procedure was in that you lie in the special "dry" bath, full of special liquid. Liquid density permanently keeps your body and that is why immersion doen't happen. This way, swimming on the surface, you can relax each muscle of your body.

Floating bath, named also sensory deprivation, creates an atmosphere of full relaxation. All conditions guarantee you maximum relaxation. Floating is the only way for modern man to feel weightlessness besides cosmos. Under these conditions not only all muscles of your body relax, but mind passes to the rhythms, simulating the sleep. One hour of floating procedure can change few hours of usual sleep. As a rule after floating session people feel energy and vitality increase.

Relaxation session is 25 min.
Recovering session - 50 min